Bird Of Paradise Plant: An Exotic Flower For A Wedding Bouquet

bouquet2When planning your wedding, finding the most beautiful flowers to represent you and your partner’s style is always at the top of the list. Sometimes, you go traditional with a simple and elegant bouquet, typically of roses. However, if that is not quite your style, try something a little more exotic, such as the stunning Bird of Paradise flower.

The Bird Of Paradise, also known as the Crane Flower, is an exotic flower that is native to Southern Africa. Blooming from September to May, it bares stiff, leathery, blue-green leaves that open to beautiful flower petals in shades of orange with blue tongues. Because of its unique shape, it is said to resemble a bird in flight, hence its name, and is considered one of the most colorful flowers in the world.

Because of its beautiful color and shape, the Bird Of Paradise has become a favorite flower for designers to use, as well bouquetas an overall symbol of paradise. This may be why it has become such a popular choice for wedding bouquets today. The Bird Of Paradise flower is very easy to maintain, requiring little sunlight and regular watering, but tend to not last longer than a week. The flower is typically used in tropical bouquet arrangements as the staple flower in the bouquet itself. Because it is a medium sized flower, it will make a great addition to any wedding bouquets and other wedding decorations during the big day.

If you are looking to have that unique style and flair at your wedding that is unlike any other, look into changing up your flower choices from the ordinary to the extraordinary! The Bird Of Paradise flower is a great exotic flower to add uniqueness and stunning beauty to your wedding bouquets and other arrangements. All you may need is a brilliant pop of color to make your day just as special as you are.

How to Tell Which One is the Right Wedding Cake?

Choosing a wedding cake is an adventure for those who love cakes. Nonetheless, it is still a task that requires careful consideration since there is a whole list of things to keep in mind. You have to pay attention to the size, budget and design.

In addition, there is a lot of time, hard work cake2and skill that goes into making each cake, and especially personalised cakes with complex designs.

You want a great piece of art but it should match your wedding theme. You can still have something simple but original. It is predominantly important to go for sugar flower, blocks of colour or floral cascades when you are on a tight budget. In addition, if you want to save money, try to be flexible with your design.

Besides, it helps to work with a cake designer who is passionate about floral wedding cakes when you choose to go for such a design. They should further use the kind of finishing that you are happy about.

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In addition to the look, the taste of the cake needs to be pleasant. The flavours and ingredients need to be what you like, and what most of your guests will enjoy.

The message that youcake need to convey should be clear in the wedding cake. That is why the advice from wedding designers is to have a bespoke cake that says it all.

The cake should also have a few flavours that represent your taste. The cake can have butter-cream icing in a range of colours. There can further be fondants in the cake to cover each layer of the cake and create a smooth surface. Likewise, fondants are available in a range of colours.

Additionally, you have to make a decision on the kind of floral wedding cakes that you want. There are white flowers, real, moulded or white-chocolate flowers. There is also the option of cream-piped flowers. As much as real flowers are more likely to appear like the bride’s bouquet than the other options, they are not edible.


These tips are important if you want your guests to always remember your wedding and do so fondly. A good wedding cake is a great way to end the occasion. It should therefore be tasty and look good.